In Haiti, culture is so much more than just folklore.

The haitian culture that we want to share is one that promote the expression of haitian people and that brings haitian people together, but also one that links them with other citizens of the Caribbean and the entire world beyond.  This is why we favor cultural exchanges rather than simple donations or contributions.


Every year since its launching, Haïti Futur organizes multiple exhibitions and events in France (Paris, Bordeaux, Lille…) selling arts and crafts made by residents of Haïti. These discovery gatherings are usually followed by workshops and meetings with the artists.

Since 2014, the exhibitions have been partnered with a haitian Salon du Livre, which presents and attests for the richness haitian literature. For example, on 2016, the book fest took place on December 3rd and 4th, on the theme of “Caribbean women authors”, in order to promote Caribbean women’s literary production.

Were you unable to attend one of our events? The artifacts and products from our exhibitions are available online .


Galerie Flamboyant - 9 rue Darguin, Pétion-Ville, Haïti

La Galerie Flamboyant is a haitian art gallery focused on primitive art dating from 1980. Haïti Futur has been a partner of the gallery for many years. Multiple works of primitive art are put on display during our sale-exhibitions and other meetings.

Librairie Nicole Maruani - 171 boulevard Vincent Auriol - Paris 13e

La librairie Maruani is a bookstore in Paris that regularly organizes meetings with authors. It is an open space of exchange, and a partner of Haïti Futur, helping with the organisation of receptions with haitian authors such as Yanick Lahens, Louis-Philippe Dalembert as well as Néhémy Pierre-Dahomey.

Les Grands Voisins - 82 avenue Denfert-Rochereau, Paris 14e

This old, unused hospital has been remodeled into a working space for creative minds to meet and create a space to share ideas and work for the greater good.Haïti Futur organized the Haïti Futur aux Grands Voisins festival from the 21st to the 25th of June 2017, in collaboration with les Grands Voisins. We received the support of artists such as Henry Roy, Elodie Barthélemy and Eddy Saint-Martin who helped us put in order the cultural program of the event.

Support for artistic production


  • Support for the foundation La Fondation Culture Création (Port-au-Prince) and for the collective "Atis rezistans"
  • Production of the publication Haïti Métamorphoses put together by Patrick Woog in 2004 [Discover]
  • Support for the CD production of Adjabel and Kati Dada
  • Numerous meetings and debates held with artists and intellectual haitians (Jean-Marie Théodat, Jacques de Caunat, Mimi Barthélémy – loyal adherent of Haïti Futur – Atissou Loko, Katerine Label, Arnold Antonin, Yanick Lahens, Ketly Mars…)
  • Edition of a series of postcards of haitians artists [Discover]
  • Production originale de foulards d'artiste (Eddy Saint-Martin - 2014) [Découvrir]
  • Iconographic collection for Dany Laferrière’s 2011 conference on the theme of haitian painting from the Louvre
  • Exhibition at UNESCO and the Grand Palais [Discover]

Haitian literature


Discover the work of our partner artists