What projects is Haïti Futur working on?


School Renovation Project

Following Hurricane Matthew, Haïti Futur committed to renovating 40 schools in the affected areas in to order to allow 80 schools to function (one group in the morning and one at night).

Digital Education Project

This project aims to modernize 500 primary schools using Interactive Digital Boards equipment, the production of educational course content and teacher training.

The Valencia Mongérard Scholarship

A scholarship at Paris-Est University – Marne la Vallée for those pursuing a master’s in Economics is offered each year to a young Haitian student. Conditions: must have a degree in Economics and have proof of success, must have human qualities and commit to returning to work in Haiti in the next 5 years.


Support to entrepreneurship

Haïti Futur is active in Haiti to encourage the creation of jobs, particularly in the rural regions: financial support, electrification support, strategic counseling, etc.

We are also active in France and in the US as we participate in endeavors to foster employment in Haiti and generate an income for the organization.


Promote Haitian Culture

Our organization is involved in the promotion of the Haitian culture in France, the US and beyond, by the organization of exhibitions and book fairs, of support to Haitian artists,…

How can I support Haïti Futur?


Making a donation supports our actions to achieve sustainable development in Haiti, and contributing


Depending on your motivations, if you want to support education in Haiti, or just because you love haitian culture, come and join us

Follow us on Facebook

Follow us on facebook  to stay up to date with progress of the projects in Haiti and various events we organize. This is also a good way to show your support

How is my donation used?

Donations we received are directly invested in the modernisation of the schools involved in our digital education program.

However, you can decide where you donation will go if you want your donation to have a specific project/school.

All donations are tax-deductibles and we’ll send you a receipt.