Like everywhere in the world, 2020 has been a hard year for Haitian children and teachers. But despite these challenges, we persevered and continued to provide teacher training to bring quality education to Haitian classrooms.
Do you know that 80% of primary school teachers in Haiti never had a formal teacher training? this is why our mission is so important. And in 2020, despite covid and country instability, we continued to work with teachers, trainers and even started new initiatives, and we couldn’t do it without you!
As we say in Haitian Kreyol, “Men anpil, chay pa lou” which means “Many hands make light work”.

We adapted to Covid: Zoom and Masks

Our “train the trainers” sessions are usually done in person in Haiti with Haiti Futur volunteers. We successfully moved to weekly Zoom meeting in smaller groups! We also trained and sponsored some tailors to make quality mask for local populations and hospitals. Find out more >>

New initiative: Pedagogical garden in schools

A strong connection between what you learn in school and your day to day life is important.  Thanks to the support of the “Fondation de France”, Haiti Futur was able to introduce pedagogical garden in 20 schools. There, students are applying what they learn in their science classes in a garden: planting, watering, harvesting and a love for their environment. Find out more >>

Alumni bring electricity to their school

The school “école des freres St Joseph”, located in Camp Perrin, is celebrating its first centennial in March 2021. To commemorate this important milestone, a group of former students got together in 2020 to give back to their school. Thanks to their generosity, Haiti Futur was able to install solar panels and a digital whiteboard system within the school during the fall of 2020. Find out more >>

Special thanks to the Google Giving Week

Every year Google offices across the world host “Google Giving Week”, a week where philanthropic organizations have the chance to raise money from Google employees all over the world. During Google Giving Week 2020, Google employees raised over $24,000 for Haiti Futur. This allows us to continue teacher training for a full year for 65 schools!

A huge thank you to everyone at Google who donated and to Google for matching the donations.

2020 in a Nutshell

400 schools using Digital Whiteboard

6,750 teachers trained

146,000 children reached

All of this amazing work was possible thanks to the many teachers, school directors, field technicians and of course all of our volunteers and donors. As we say in Haitian Kreyol, “Men anpil, chay pa lou” which means “Many hands make light work”.

If you want to help us providing teacher training, maintenance of the digital whiteboard in these schools. With as little as 30$ you can support a school for 1 month.
You can donate to our Spring fundraising campaign or if you want to get involved as a volunteer, email us at: