After the devastating impacts of Hurricane Matthew in October 2016 ,Haïti Futur took as one of its primary objective the undertake and the management of  the rehabilitation of 40 schools to quickly allow children to regain their normal daily school setting.


Undertake and manage the rehabilitation of 40 schools: 20 schools in the town of Camp Perrin, 10 in Maniche and 10 in  Abricots

Schools selection criteria:

To facilitate the maximum number of students to quickly find their way to school, Haïti Futur established  3 criteria for the selection of schools to be rehabilitated, regardless of their public or private status:

  • The number of classes: the large institutions servicing the largest students capacity will be rehabilitated first.
  • The level of damage: the least damaged schools will be prioritized
  • Geographic distribution,  to prevent any school in rural l section from being harmed or left out

Coordination with state authorities and NGOs

The Haïti Futur program was presented to the Director of the  Education Department , Mr. Jean Miller Dorval, and to the Mayor of Camp Perrin, Mr. Enor Tilus, to the Mayor of Maniche, Mr. Jean David Brinard and to the mayor of  Abricots.

The consistency in the selection of schools is ensured thru regular meetings with the academic inspector of the communes of Camp Perrin and Maniche, Mr. Jolivert Pierre

Coordination is also carried out with other organizations involved in the rehabilitation of schools in the commune, such as UNICEF or Save The Children, to avoid duplicated interventions.

Scope of the School Rehabilitation Work

Due to the urgency, Haïti Futur will rehabilitate only schools whose walls are intact. Work will focus on the frame and roof of the buildings. Thanks to the expertise of the program partners, the works will significantly strengthen the building structure by correcting the initial construction errors.

Engagement taken by rehabilitated schools

In return for the rehabilitation works carried out by Haiti Futur, schools will have to commit to accommodate students from another damaged institution by allowing a second shift in the afternoon. In this way, by rehabilitating 40 schools, students from 80 schools will be able to gradually resume classes

Support to help restart local economic activities

Through this program, Haiti Futur also aims to support the recovery of the local economy by relying on the local private sector. Carpenters and skill workers of the communes of Camp Perrin, Maniche and Apricots will be engaged to carry out these projects

Training on a school-site

The carpenters recruited for this program will receive training on structural reinforcement techniques from the teachers of the Don Bosco Salesian vocational high school in Les Cayes. It will consist of a theory and a hands on trainings  at a school site. This training will give access to a certificate issued by the Salesian Don Bosco professional high school in Les Cayes.

The program’s stakeholders agreed that the MEBSH school in Picot will be the site of the schoolyard. The rehabilitation works will focus on the building of 9 classrooms, and on one of the two sanitary buildings


To carry out this program, Haiti Futur has established resourceful partnerships:

icone checkSalesian high school Don Bosco in Les Cayes, to train bosses on the best construction techniques,

icone checkJean Sprumont, founder of Camp Perrin School Workshops, as a technical expert on seismic and paracyclonic constructions,

icone checkPROTOS, for the rehabilitation of latrines and water supply points that the organization had set up in schools,

icone checkOXFAM, specialized in crisis management, for the rapid supply of construction materials to the extent of its stocks.



The total cost of the program is 290 000 €

In addition to numerous support from individuals, many partners and sponsors have participated in our rehabilitation program.

Thanks to them all  the project were able to  move forward to allow children to find their way back to school.