Haiti Futur is an organization that aims to develop quality education and support entrepreneurship in Haiti, while promoting Haitian culture.

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Haiti Futur has been supporting education in Haiti for several years: Promoting digital education, funding scholarships and salaries for teachers, helping set up libraries and computer labs, etc.

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Haiti Futur encourages entrepreneurship in Haiti by promoting the initiatives of producers, artisans, artists, women’s groups, agricultural collectives, etc. whose initiatives and determination deserve support.

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Haiti Futur strives to promote local arts and crafts and to raise public awareness of Haitian culture through cultural events: exhibitions-sales, book fair, book signings, support for different artists, etc.


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Smart Boards installed

entrepreneurs supported



2020 a year of perseverance and new initiatives

Like everywhere in the world, 2020 has been a hard year for Haitian children and teachers. But despite these challenges, we persevered and continued to provide teacher training to bring quality education to Haitian classrooms. Do you know that 80% of primary school...

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The CERBA foundation reward Haiti Futur

The CERBA foundation, created by the initiative of the CERBA institute (laboratory of medical analyses) supports health programs and participates in prevention programs. The foundation recently organized a prize addressed to the internal employees who act in this...

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Recontruction of 40 schools after Hurricane Matthew

Early October 2016, Hurricane Matthew devastated the majority of schools in the Southern department and Grand Anse in Haiti with winds as strong as 146 hours per hour. UNICEF estimated that 75% of schools were damaged or destroyed. Faced with the urgency of the...

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Making a donation is supporting our actions for a sustainable development in Haiti and contribute to the viability of our projects.

Whether you want to get involved for a cause dear to your heart or a cause that makes sense, or simply because you love for
Haitian culture, it is possible to become a volunteer at our events, to help managing or promoting projects

Making a donation is supporting our actions for a sustainable development in Haiti and contribute to the viability of our projects.

Que ce soit par envie de s’investir pour une cause qui a du sens, ou par amour pour la culture haïtienne, il est possible de devenir bénévole lors de nos évènements, de devenir volontaire ou de s’impliquer autrement.


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